Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The extra virgin olive oil IGP Streda Belvedere produced in Vinci in Tuscany is the result of pure tradition. An oil for those who love typical fragrances, produced in limited quantities, comes from the Moraiole, Leccine and Frantoian olives typical of the Montalbano hills, picked and immediately pressed to not lose their aromas and flavors.
An ancient healthy tradition also due to the presence of polyphenols that make the oil particularly suitable for feeding children, for the most characteristic and renowned gastronomic specialties, and even in aesthetic treatments. The typicality of Streda IGP Oil derives from a set of factors including the uniqueness of the land of origin, the climate and the particular geological composition of the soil. Thus was born an oil with unique organoleptic characteristics inimitable in origin and typicality with a color from green to yellow, with chromatic variation over time, a fruity smell accompanied by a hint of almond and ripe fruit.
The IGP certification certifies that all the production phases, from the cultivation and collection of the olives to their crushing to the bottling, take place exclusively in our territory in Tuscany and that the chemical-physical and organoleptic qualities of the product respect the parameters set by the strict disciplinary of production.